Disk Authoring Technologies

Disk Authoring Technologies (DAT) is a technology licensing company that was established to expand the uses of – and applications for – the technology covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 5,982,723 “Data Recording and Reproducing Method for Multi-Layered Optical Disk System” and 6,339,568 “Data Recording and Reproducing Technique for Multi-Layered Optical Disk System Using Different Compression Techniques.” The business of DAT is licensing these patents to major optical disk manufacturers.

The technology revealed in these two patents covers the recording of data at different compression rates and in a designated area per the operator’s specifications. The data compression rate and the data storage location is stored in a table of contents that is reproduced and stored in memory once the optical disk is loaded. The stored data is decoded by referring to the table of contents to identify the data compression rate of the recorded data. This technology provides for faster storage and retrieval of data on optical disks.

Disk Authoring Technologies is a subsidiary of General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading patent monetization firm, and GPC is the exclusive licensing agent for the DAT patents.